Sales Strategy: The 7 Steps Of Selling Anything To Anyone

Learn The 7 Steps of Selling and Sales Strategy

There’s literally thousands of articles about sales strategy online and plenty on the 7 steps of selling, but where most of them fall down is being too specific to the steps you need to reproduce sales in a consistent and achievable way.

Whenever you’re trying to sell something to someone there’s a sales process that sales people have stuck to for centuries. You can adapt this basic formula to any platform and any sales situation; be it online, face to face, over the phone, long or short distance. The process I’m talking about forms the basis of the 7 steps of selling.

I originally started using this sales strategy back when I was selling mobile phones and Internet plans for a telco company for a living.

It was hard work, but as I became more comfortable with the 7 steps of selling, and understood it’s workings, it became more of a sales boiler plate and it wasn’t hard to reach my monthly sales targets anymore.

Even besting the other sales people in monthly figures wasn’t quite as hard or rare and the relationships I made with my customers became more rewarding. I was easily selling over $60K worth of product and plans per month thanks to this 7 step sales strategy.

Implementing the 7 steps of selling

Now, it’s easy for me to sit here and describe the 7 steps of selling to you and say “yeah, you can use it anywhere!”, but you really have to take the initiative.

You’ve got to be willing to manipulate this sales strategy, adapt it to your purpose and execute it with confidence.

Sales is 90% creativity and thinking on your feet – if that sounds scary to you, don’t worry, it gets easier with time.

This series goes through each step, one by one and I’m publishing it all in one go so you can get really get into it. So without further ceremony, here’s my 7-step process of how to sell anything to anyone. Enjoy!

The 7 Steps of Selling: The Only Sales Strategy You’ll Ever Need

  1. Greeting the customer
  2. Understanding their needs
  3. Restating and confirming
  4. Formulating a solution
  5. Asking for the sale
  6. Closing the deal
  7. Linking in your whole business

More on the Foundation of Good Sales Strategy

The main foundation of selling, and the underpinning difference between good and bad sales people, is having adequate product knowledge.

Product knowledge is essential if you want to have confidence in the product or service you’re selling and be able to improvise when the situation calls for it.

Knowing about your product inside and out is the key to creating consumer confidence and will help you strengthen your success rate.

If you’re implementing this sales strategy online or in print you need to pay particular attention to your copywriting.

The 7 steps of selling is all about building the relationship and providing this product knowledge to your customers in a way that inspires confidence in the product.. then closing the deal.

Want to get more in-depth with the 7 Steps of Selling?

I’ve written extensively here on sales strategy, but it only scratches the surface.

In my new book “Getting To Yes: How to be a natural at selling anything”, I go much deeper into the 7 Steps of Selling and why it works so well.

You can read a bit more about the book and what it contains by clicking here.


I hope this series on the 7 steps of selling has been inspiring to you.

Making a sale is a truly magical feeling, whether it’s online or in person and knowing that you are helping someone and feeling good about selling the product you’re selling is what it’s all about.

Having a strong sales strategy to bolster that great product of yours, like the 7 steps of selling, is exactly what you need.

Josh Kohlbach

Josh is a software entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. He spends most of his time helping e-commerce store owners. This is his personal blog where he shares his thoughts and other tidbits on online business and life in general.

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