Sales Strategy: Why They Call Sales A Craft

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How To Formulate Solutions On The Fly

When they refer to salesmanship as being a craft, what I like to think people mean is our ability to create a solution that solves people’s problems all while thinking on our feet.

This isn’t an easy skill to develop, I won’t pretend that it is. But there are a number of things you can do to make it easier on yourself as a sales person.

Study Your Product

In order to take control of a sales situation and turn it around you need to have something solid backing you up.

That something solid is always going to be your product knowledge and I’m sure every sales manager around the globe just shouted “Yes, I’ve been trying to drill this into my sales people for decades!”

Product knowledge is something that’s very personal to each sales person. Some people are quite adept at lots of storing facts and figures in their heads, other people just need to cliff notes version to get them up to speed.

Whatever it is, you still need some in-depth familiarity with the product you’re trying to sell before you can sell it with confidence.

Daily learning is required in sales as the environment changes so often. The mobile phone scene for instance changes weekly. It can be quite daunting for a new sales person starting to sell phones. This is the same for any industry.

Using Your Mental Checklist

As I mentioned in the previous two steps it’s important to build a mental check list of needs and wants that your customer has mentioned in talking to them.

Once you’ve got a mental check list that is comprehensive enough for you to form an opinion about what would be the ideal solution for your customer you can be more confident in reassuring their objections.

Pitching The Solution

When pitching the solution, make an initial suggestion and let your customer choose to hear more about why that would suit them. This is one of the most important times to be aware of your customer’s body language.

Start making your way through the needs and wants of your customer addressing the most important needs first.

This is the time to state why this is the best solution for them.

Pitching Products Online

Presenting a solution online can be a little different in that you generally need to provide all the options.

Your initial suggestion should be the “most popular” product as this will suit the majority. Given the option to look around for more information about your other products and services your customers will look if not to just sooth their curiosity.

At this point, your online customer already has a pretty good idea about what they need. They’ve been through the sales literature and they just need that final nudge to steer them in the right direction. They might be working their way down from a few options, this is the time to tell them the key points about each offer.

Hi there! You’re in the middle of a series on Sales Strategy.
This is the fourth installment, click here to read the next step.

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