Roundup: WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

Shopping Cart Plugins isn’t something that normally comes to mind when you’re configuring a site with WordPress. But they can be incredibly handy if you decide to sell your own product on your blog, or static website. These three shopping cart plugins below allow for a quick and easy, low fuss, solution to your eCommerce needs.

Keep in mind that these are plugin interfaces for the WordPress CMS, so don’t expect every shopping cart feature to make it in. They are designed with ease of use, and practicality in mind.

So without further ado, here is my round up of WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins:

WP eCommerce

A lot of great plugins seem to come out of New Zealand. Just like Lord Of The Rings, this WordPress eCommerce plugin seems to be the blockbuster plugin too.

It has a focus on looks, and comes with just about everything you would expect in standard shopping cart software. The code is standards compliant and there are loads of additional tweaks you can do.

As this is the most popular of shopping cart plugins, you’ll find the forums on their website quite active, and plenty of support around the web. You can also find manuals ready for download for a low price if you still want more.

It’s incredibly configurable, accepts multiple payment gateways (check their website) and I highly recommend it. I’ll be using this into the future for WordPress based eCommerce sites.

WP Auctions Gold

Auctions frameworks are handy for selling products that you don’t have many of. And if you’ve already got your target audience for the product reading your blog, or even just visiting your website in cases where you’re using WordPress for a static site, then why not try the WP Auctions plugin?

WP Auctions actually not free. This is because they have built an incredible auctions plugin which you can use to run unlimited, fee free, auction style advertisements for your own product on your website or blog.

You can upload multiple images for each auction you host (of which you can host as many as you want), RSS your auctions, and even use it as a regular cart with the Buy It Now feature (must like ebay).

Payment gateway is limited to Paypal which is good, but you might want to consider all your options. If you’re handy you could probably write your own addon here to accept other payment processors. I’m not sure what their code is like though, so if you are planning on this, or have done it, let me know!

The plugin is $29.99 and if you’re thinking of buying a copy for yourself, I’d really appreciate if you use my affiliate link. I do get a small procede of the sale which helps me keep this site up and running. Click here to read more about WP Auctions Gold – $29.99


This is one of the only other WordPress 2.5 ready shopping cart plugins around that seems to do a full range of expected shopping cart features.

The plugin comes with a customizable widget which sits in your designated sidebar. It works by adding tags to your posts which generates an “add to cart” button. Payment is handled exclusively with Paypal, so if that is not a problem Quickshop is a great light weight solution.

The downside is the currency is in Australian Dollars. Not so bad for me as I’m Aussie, but only a slight inconvenience for overseas people. If you want other currencies, it’s just an easy change of about 4 lines of PHP code. Simply replace all references of AU to US or whatever other currency you’re after (EUR, GBP, etc) and paypal should work fine with your chosen currency.

The best thing about this plugin is, it’s free! And because Zack himself uses it for his own sites and clients, it’s not likely the plugin will stop being developed any time soon.

So that’s my roundup of WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins! Any other plugin suggestions for wordpress shopping carts that I’ve missed? Tell us about your successes and which ones to avoid in the comments!

Josh Kohlbach

Josh is a software entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. He spends most of his time helping e-commerce store owners. This is his personal blog where he shares his thoughts and other tidbits on online business and life in general.

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    1. Josh

      Nice catch Wiebo.. Shopp is definitely a decent plugin. I did actually see that one briefly, but forgot to include it in the above list. I was orginally planning on just talking about free plugins, so it slipped through the net when I changed this post to include paid ones.

      Check out the Shopp plugin features. It currently retails for $55 and looks very decent indeed. Sometimes it is worth paying for a plugin like this when it’s so rich with features and comes with support.

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