Checking out WordPress 3.0

It’s been a little while since I’ve logged into WordPress for this website so I thought I’d go ahead and check out WordPress 3.0 for the first time. I’m still using the previous version on my other sites but I think I’ll probably spend the better half of today updating and fixing glitches on those sites too. Suffice to say I’m pretty impressed with it.

I’m just going to go through three cool new features:

  • Maintenance mode and the Updates area
  • The addition of Menus
  • and a new default theme for 2010.

Maintenance Mode and the Update Area

This is pretty cool and it’s definitely been a long time coming. One of my most frustrating experiences with WordPress was for those sites that you log into infrequently and need to update 5 or 6 or more plugins at a time. I’d have to sit there and update each one of them manually.

Not anymore! The updates menu collects all the updates for the program and plugins in one place. You can select a bunch of plugins to update all in one go which I think is brilliant. Should have been added years ago.

Here’s a screenie of my updating a plugin. You’ll notice that the system goes into a “Maintenance Mode”. I haven’t read up on the spec of this yet, but it looks to me like WordPress have finally tried to isolate updates a little more instead of blanket changing things without any backup.

Updates area in WordPress 3.0

(After inserting that image, let me note that there’s no changes to the in-post image editing which still sucks a little)

Menus admin page

Again, another feature in WordPress that’s been missing for years – Menus! At long last you can natively configure the ordering and layouts and inclusions of pages in your site’s menus. If you theme supports it that is. Which mine does not. Justin Tadlock (creator of Hybrid theme), if you’re out there this is on my Hybrid wishlist!!

Here’s what the Menus admin page looks like anyway:

Menus Admin Page WordPress 3.0

Twenty Ten – New Default WordPress Theme

I haven’t installed this baby yet, but I might switch on my ol’ Theme Tester plugin and give it a whirl. This is pretty nice looking for a default theme and definitely something that people will be using straight out of the box. Looks a damnsight better than the previous two crappy included themes.

Here’s a preview of what Code My Own Road would look like in this new theme:

Twenty Ten New WordPress 3.0 Default Theme

All in all I haven’t noticed any glitches yet this morning so I’d declare this version stable until further notice. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Technology Review, it’s been a while since I’ve done one. Now, go forth and play 🙂

PS. In other news, I finally got my new laptop! Here’s some specs if you’re interested, it’s a beast. (And queue the collective sigh around Australia from those that have had to hear about my agonising decision for the last 3 months!)

Josh Kohlbach

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  1. Michelle

    Thanks for pointing out the features – I just upgraded my site and couldn’t really tell what had changed.

    1. Josh Kohlbach

      No worries Michelle. I’m sure there’s loads more hiding just below the surface that I haven’t discovered yet too 🙂

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