Josh KohlbachHi, I’m Josh.

I started getting interested in business from an early age. As a teenager I helped my father with his electronic repair company, introducing a computer software cleaning service for hacked computers.

That was my first real taste of what you can do in business and it only grew from there.

My First “Real” Job

On my way to doing an IT degree in university I decided to take a break from school and get a “real” job for a while.

Even though I was painfully shy, I somehow I landed in a sales role in a phone store for a company called Telstra (the biggest telecommunications company in Australia). In hindsight it was the best thing to happen to me because the role forced me to approach people I didn’t know and not only talk to them, but sell them something too.

It was intimidating at first, but I soon got the hang of it and become one of the store’s best sales people selling mobile phones & broadband internet. At the time I was generating between $60k – $120k in sales for the company per month.

Eventually I grew restless and wanted to get back to my true love of IT – so I re-enrolled and went back to university.

To my surprise, I found it was much less pressure than the first time around (probably because I was a few years older) and I actually did pretty well.

IT & Marketing

After university I bounced around jobs for a few years, never spending more than 2 -3 years before moving on.

I worked on a few business ideas on the side, but they never really took off and I couldn’t figure out why.

Toward the mid-00’s I started getting interested in web technologies and developing for the web. After a couple of jobs where I actually was able to use web related technologies, I discovered WordPress.

This in turn led me to work for a local marketing agency, taking on a lead developer role.

Needless to say, the marketing world completely blew my mind. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. I experienced a renewed fire for building up my side income and started freelancing on the side to clients I found online.

Passive Income

Somewhere around this time I was also started getting intrigued by the idea of passive income. My version of this was to build little websites that each earned a little bit of money with Adsense advertising and this relatively new concept (to me at least) of affiliate marketing.

It was almost inevitable that this then led me to combine my love of WordPress with my love of affiliate marketing to create my first proper WordPress product called ThirstyAffiliates.

Version 1.0 was coded in a weekend and I launched it to a few friends and bloggers I knew online.

For marketing I started reaching out and contacting lots of well known bloggers in the affiliate marketing niche, giving away licenses and asking for reviews and inviting them to join my affiliate program. Eventually it paid off and was selling a few hundred bucks a month.

It wasn’t enough to quit my day job (which I still loved by the way), but it was certainly keeping me interested in ways I could grow it.

What this taught me most was that passive income is really hard and you do actually have to work at it in order to get it.


After freelancing for a while, I eventually took the leap and decided to start my own website development company.

When I first started Rymera Web Co I had grand ideas to build a passive income empire with niche websites, ebooks and plugin sales, but reality set in and the website development consulting side of it soon took precedence. Bills have to be paid after all!

What started out as a website creation company building WordPress sites quickly evolved into some pretty hardcore backend WordPress coding. Before long a number of big agency customers were getting us to do all sorts of crazy “hard to do” requirements for their projects.

My take on consulting is that some people are really great at running consulting companies, but I personally found it quite stressful and felt like I had to be “on” and in “work mode” all the time.

I also hadn’t taken a holiday in about 4 years and I was about to go postal… something had to change.


While working on a client website that needed some wholesale features on their WooCommerce store, and feeling really underwhelmed with the cobbled together solution with the existing plugins out there, I landed on the idea for creating a set of really great wholesale extensions for WooCommerce.

The concept for the Wholesale Suite product was put together and 9 months later, after a lot of work and procrastination, it was launched. It turned out to be a winner from day 1.

Over time we’ve refined it and were able to transition our business model away from hourly/project consulting and into plugin sales.

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what all the business gurus out there teach about separating time from income, but I didn’t have an appreciation for it until I actually took the leap and did it.

Present Day

That is the journey so far that has led to me writing this about section. I’m a fairly private person, so I have shied away from being too much in the spotlight (probably being a bit self sabotaging due to this).

But in an effort to overcome that, I’m publishing this and I’m putting myself out there to connect with as many like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs as I can.

I’m really interested in hearing your story now and would love to follow you on social media.

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