How I Pumped 80+ Visitors Within 24 Hours To My Very First Blog Post

When anyone starts a blog, we’re all on a level playing field. We start with a big fat 0 on that traffic counter. To get 80+ visitors to my very first blog post that I tweeted about exceeded even my own expectations.

For the past 3 months I’ve slowly been building up my Twitter account to over 450 targetted followers. Creating this blog has been on the cards for a little while, and I also have a strong interest in this subject. I started adding people that I thought were interesting and grew my following organically, following only those that I was genuinely interested in. I now get between 5 and 10 follow requests daily and that number is steadily growing.

I used URL shortening service to point users at my post which also provides me with handy real-time statistics. Here is the info link if you’re curious about the stats:

I started this blog with about 3 or 4 articles and slowly built that up over a week. It’s the start of the third week of posting here at CMOR as of the time of writing and it’s been loads of fun and learning.

So how did I manage this feat?

There were four main components which I feel came together in order to help me get this outcome. I asked for retweets in my tweet, I gave out some good content (I guess I’m biased on that one heh.), I haven’t promoted anything of my own in a long time so people were used to seeing quality articles come from me, and I scheduled consecutive tweets for when I was sleeping to capture different audiences in my followers list.

TweetLater Schedules

I used a web-based service called TweetLater for scheduling the tweets. You can tell them precisely what time or how many hours in advance you want to send a particular tweet. When you send it, it looks as though you were just logged in to Twitter normally.

This is especially handy for me, as I live in Australia. That means I usually miss most of the US/UK audience in my followers list.

For more twitter tools like TweetLater, check out my roundup of the best web-based twitter tools.

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

I have a motto which I think crosses over in a lot of areas. “You only get what you ask for”. So when you want something, you better ask for it instead of assuming you’ll just get it.

I’ve found this to be especially true of retweeting. On twitter, if you occasionally put out some content that is of your own creation and casually and politely ask for people to retweet your message, that’s what’ll happen.

I also try to participate the other way around. If someone is promoting some content that I find interesting, I’ll often only retweet it if they ask for it.

Great Content

When a blog is starting out, it’s important to keep to the topics deep. I wrote an article around 500 words which covered a few key points. The topic of the article, Where To Start On A New Business Idea, is also something that has quite broad appeal.

This might have not worked in my favour though, considering my target audience is a lot narrower than that, but I really wanted to start with a bang and answer one of the questions I thought might be burning in alot of people’s minds.

Low Self Promotion

I’ve probably been guilty of slamming my followers with too much of my own content in the past two weeks, but I’m just so damn excited to be writing this blog! I usually try to keep self promotion to maybe a 1/10 ratio. Meaning 1 piece of my content to 10 pieces of other’s content. This keeps things fresh and makes sure that people aren’t perceiving you as the type of person that only cite’s his/her own stuff.

So that’s how I pumped 80+ visitors in under 24 hours. Not a magical number really, but interesting enough that I thought it warranted a post explaining how powerful having targeted twitter followers really can be.

This article is actually the first in a series about Twitter. This week I’m going to be posting quite a few articles in this new series called Twitter Tactics. Subscribe to my RSS feed to be the first to recieve these little gems 🙂

Josh Kohlbach

Josh is a software entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. He spends most of his time helping e-commerce store owners. This is his personal blog where he shares his thoughts and other tidbits on online business and life in general.

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  1. Ricky

    Great info buddy.The main thing to drive the traffic is exposure of your article.I never received that much love from the twitter.i will try to get more follower:-) may be it could help me.

    1. Josh

      Thanks Ricky! The big thing is getting the Retweets. Without them I usually only send a dozen or so depending on the time of day. However, repeating that process in different timezones still lets me send around 40-50 people to one post. Timing is huge as well.. if it’s dinner time in your target timezone, you’d be lucky to get 1 or 2 hits. I find 2pm or 3pm works well.

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