7 Free Corporate Ready WordPress Themes

I’ve compiled a list of WordPress Themes that you can use to alter as a basis for your small business or corporate website.

These themes are a few of the very good quality free resources that you can use for your business website or even as a basis of your client’s business website. It’s a great cost saving measure when having a 100% custom look isn’t so important.

I’ve also highlighted whether I think a theme might be good for use as a static site (as in a site without a blog component), a business with a blog, or a combination of the two (ie. if you’re keen to add a blog to a pre-existing business website).

1. Corporate

Corporate Theme Screenshot
Corporate Screenshot

A theme that would suit a static site, or maybe a basic combo site. It’s clean and has a sparse feel to it allowing for use straight away or further customization. It has a nifty “special message to visitors” section which allows you to custom greet your incoming visitors in a highlighted box. This would also be great for sales pages because it’s lean and sleek.

Garland Revisited Screenshot
Garland Revisited Screenshot

2. Garland Revisited

Based on a theme originally written for Drupal (a more eCommerce focused CMS than WordPress), this theme is quite refined featuring crisp blue textures and a nice focus on the center posting column. Being a three column layout with widget columns on the left and right, you can put a traditional looking menu on the left. The center column really sticks out and gives you focus on the content. Would be good for a site with a blog component.

3. Elegant Box

Elegant Box Screenshot
Elegant Box Screenshot

Although this might be a little too basic for some because of the lack of colour, it would definitely be a great start. It’s really a content focused theme ready to be spiced up with some colour. Customize for maximum effect. Suits corporate blogs.

Prime Press Screenshot
Prime Press Screenshot

4. Prime Press

Again, back to basics with this template. It’s modern, features a nice splash banner which is great for branding the site. Below that, it’s quite post centric so it would make an excellent corporate blog.

5. Fresh Blog

Fresh Blog Screenshot
Fresh Blog Screenshot

A little more lively now, this theme just screams blog. The menu is nice and clear, guiding users to the different categories, the posts section isn’t in your face, but it’s clear that content is still the focus. It features a great widget section to the right with spots for recent postings, RSS, category breakdown sections, and page breakdown sections without it looking too cluttered.

Corp Screenshot
Corp Screenshot

6. Corp

Close in looks to Elegant Box above, and again content focused. This one is a three column layout with both widget columns forced to the right.

7. TypographyWP

TypographyWP Screenshot
TypographyWP Screenshot

Getting a little further away from grey for a minute with the corporate blog templates. TypographyWP would make for a perfect blog template. It can look a little busy if you overload the two right hand columns as the main pane literally squeezed in on the left. You really could do so much more with it if you wanted to put a couple of hours development prettying it up. Kind of newsy, don’t you think?

Found a cool corporate theme you’d like to share, or using one of these themes yourself? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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