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ThirstyAffiliates Now Available On

ThirstyAffiliatesFor those that don’t know or are new to this blog a couple of years ago I developed and launch a premium plugin aimed at affiliate marketers called ThirstyAffiliates.

ThirstyAffiliates basically lets affiliate marketers using the WordPress platform manage all their affiliate links from a central location which aids in updating links, organising them into categories and various other things like importing and exporting between blogs.

For the past two years or so it’s been a 100% paid solution and something that has sold fairly well for me given I was spending max about an hour on it a week (mostly doing support).

In short it’s been in maintenance mode, that is until now.

If you’ve been following along with some of my recent posts on this blog you’ll see that I’ve been doing a lot of “how to” style posts giving little snippets of code for dealing with WooCommerce (amongst other things).

That’s because behind the scenes we have been ramping up to a relaunch of the ThirstyAffiliates website and releasing the plugin on and all of that happened on Monday.

Why release it on

A while back in an effort to add value to the core plugin and to create some higher priced plans I created a number of “add-ons” to ThirstyAffiliates which were essentially standalone plugins that hooked into the feature set of the plugin and extended it.

These add-ons proved to be very popular and upped our sales significantly while allowing us to compete with other similar premium plugins on the market.

I was doing some brainstorming earlier this year thinking of ways to increase the potential of the business and the idea caught on that we should re-evaluate how we “sold” the plugin.

Essentially all the value is in the add-ons so I decided that rather than keep selling the core plugin we’ll expand the user base, get more people interested and provide them with ways to bolt on extra functionality.

With the old business model, I could only make so many permutations of pricing plans and add-on packs before it would start to get overwhelming. Selling the add-ons by themselves is much more flexible.

So, the main two reasons behind the move:

  1. It doesn’t restrict how many add-ons we can make (I have some really great ideas brewing for new ones and we plan to release 1 per month)
  2. And more importantly, it doesn’t restrict revenue potential in the future and will encourage people to buy from us again and again as we release new add-ons.

Where can you get ThirstyAffiliates?

You can either goto the main site or grab the plugin directly from WordPress. It’s proving to be quite popular already and we’ve had a warm reception from the community.

Of course I’m still working out the kinks in my sales system and business model for that matter, but the early days and success I’ve seen this week is promising.

If you are using the plugin already or have downloaded it and enjoy it I’d really appreciate a 5-star review on the plugin page.

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