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How To Remove The WooThemes Updater Notice

If there’s one thing that ticks me off it’s plugins that add notices to your WordPress admin area that cannot be dismissed.

WooThemes do it with a lot of their extensions including WooCommerce essentially advertising their WooThemes updater plugin.

So here’s a neat little snippet of code that you can drop into your functions.php to hide those annoying Woo Updater notices:

remove_action( 'admin_notices', 'woothemes_updater_notice' );

And viola, no more updater notice. Take that immovable little yellow box!

3 thoughts on “How To Remove The WooThemes Updater Notice

  1. Hi Josh,

    Thank you for your Google Currency Converter, which I am using in the sidebars on my Category pages.

    I also use the short-code for my full page Product pages, however I would like to make it smaller on these pages as it takes up a lot of space.

    Is there a piece of code or another way of doing this?

    Thank’s again.


    1. Hi Wolfgang, you’d probably have to address this in CSS. All the elements have named selectors so it should be fairly straight forward for someone with CSS experience.

      Glad you’re getting some use out of the plugin!

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