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New Ways You Can Use Sneeze Pages To Send Your Visitors Spiraling Through Your Site

In this post you’ll learn the basics of Sneeze Pages and how to use them to your advantage for not only blogs, but any website, even eCommerce.

Showcase Your Work

Sneeze pages are a fantastic way to showcase your best work. Typically, a sneeze page is associated with bloggers summarizing their month’s work, or summarizing the contents of a new series they have just written.

However, the applications of sneeze pages are quite varied and you can use them in a lot of situations to your advantage.

Sneeze Page Uses

There's More Than One Way To Use Sneeze Pages
There's More Than One Way To Use Sneeze Pages
As I mentioned above, a sneeze page is typically used for summarizing articles over a time period (like a week in review, or a month in review) or to summarize the contents of a blog based series of posts. I’ve done this in the page with an ongoing WordPress series, and an ongoing Twitter Tactics series.

But that shouldn’t be the limit of your imagination when it comes to this very handy tool bloggers have long coveted.

A sneeze page can also be a great way to summarize liked products in a review like format for eCommerce websites. For example, if you run an computer store, you can run a sneeze page on the best gaming mice for 2009. This would create a chance to point to all of the products you would like to draw your reader’s attention to.

It’s not limited to computer stores either, imagine 20 best patterned handkerchiefs, a roundup of your most beautiful handmade wedding jewelery, or the 10 must read books for entrepreneurs.

Regular static websites can also use sneeze pages to their advantage. Instead of highlighting products for sale as in eCommerce sneeze pages, you can highlight your most popular services, or a roundup of companies you’ve done work for.

Promoting Your Sneezes

Possibly the best thing about sneeze pages is the ability to promote multiple bits of your content, products, or services in one easy email or tweet, a great way to direct people to your best work.

Attaching a link to a sneeze page to your email or forum signature encourages more people to click than if it was a regular link to your main page. It creates something of value for the reader and delivers on the promise of something interesting to them when they arrive at your sneeze page.


Sneeze pages are a fantastic way to drum up more internal links to your products and services as well as your blog posts.

Use them wisely and you can be shooting your visitors far and wide throughout your website and the more chance they have to click around, the more chance they’ll become a regular visitor once they see what greatness is on offer.

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