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Introducing: Simple Page Tester

My Latest WordPress Plugin: Simple Page Tester

Here at Code My Own Road headquarters I’ve been quietly working away on my next WordPress plugin.

As many of you know, I have an incredibly outlandish goal of launching 6 premium plugins this coming year and this is the beginning of that avalanche.

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce the debut of it’s website and I’ll be looking to spread the word about it in the coming week.

I wanted to announce it here first so you guys could check it out.

Firstly, What is Simple Page Tester?

The Simple Page Tester plugin lets you easily split test posts and pages in WordPress without having to edit a single line of code.

The aim is to take the complicated task of split testing, an activity that is crucial to your success as a webmaster online, and make it as simple as possible.

As a testament to how well it works and how simple it is to use, I’m currently using it on a number of my own websites to maximize conversions to much success.

Check out the video:

If you want to find out more (as the handsome sounding gentleman in the video suggested.. *ahem*), just click here to visit the site: Simple Page Tester

This project has really been a labor of love over the last month or so, and I’ve written about how it changed my time budget significantly.

In short, it was well worth the time to accommodate it as I’ve found the whole process this time to be incredibly rewarding on a personal level.

It’s been an interesting time building this plugin and I think I’ve figured out the best way I work.

Anyway, I’ll leave the deep analysis for some other time. For now, I still have heaps of work to do to get this thing really flying.

Look forward to hearing what you all think in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Introducing: Simple Page Tester

  1. Insane, man, you’re just on fire! Looking forward to this one.

    BTW, I’m actually *doing* something about bounce rate right now. Recall I have a Pivotal Tracker project going on this (“Boing Boing”), which you’re on as a collaborator.

    My first task was stripping down WiaW. Second task is adding pieces back incrementally, and watching the effect on time on site and bounce rate. I started taking numbers yesterday. Will report results when appropriate. I’m sure split testing would be helpful on this.

    On a related note, I started implement Bandit testing on Portfolio Project in an experimental branch. Don’t have it working yet, not sure I will deploy it, but if not this then something similar for testing soon.

    1. Haha thanks Dave!

      Awesome to hear you’re making progress with WiAW. The taking number part is the hardest bit I’m finding, especially when you need to see a statistically significant number of people to see if things are working… I guess I’m just impatient sometimes!

      Bandit looks super interesting, I’m going to dig into that more.

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