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How To Change The PayPal Icon In WooCommerce

WooCommerceHere’s a quick tutorial that might help you increase conversions on your WooCommerce shopping cart.

If you’re using PayPal as the payment gateway (like many people do, including myself), then you’re likely to have noticed the dodgy little icon displayed on the cart.

This is a great place to put a more informative icon that shows just how many payment options you can process with PayPal. Many people aren’t even aware that you can process credit cards using PayPal and might completely abandon your cart if you don’t show them the right credit card symbols.

I put together the following graphic and code snippet which you can use on your WooCommerce checkout.

Here’s the new icon image we’ll be using which includes all the credit cards that PayPal accepts (right click and save):


Make sure you keep the naming of the file consistent with the following code snippet. For tidyness I’ve placed this image in my theme’s directory under a subdirectory called “images”, if you’re using the following code verbatim you’ll want to do the same.

Copy and paste the following code into your functions.php:

function replacePayPalIcon($iconUrl) {
	return get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') . '/images/acceptedCards.png';
add_filter('woocommerce_paypal_icon', 'replacePayPalIcon');

Now take a look at your new and improved cart with it’s sexy little credit card icons. If this code snippet helped you out let me know in the comments.

37 thoughts on “How To Change The PayPal Icon In WooCommerce

  1. Very useful. I also used your method with woocommerce_skrill_logo instead of woocommerce_paypal_icon to replace the Moneybookers/Skrill logo at the checkout.

  2. @SK, the simplest way to change the “PayPal” text on the checkout page is to edit it through the dashboard.

    WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal

    Change the text in the Title Box. I’ve done this for a few clients, changing it from “PayPal” to “Credit Card/PayPal”.

    Whatever you put in for the title will show as the title on the checkout page.

  3. I actually wanted to remove the icon completely. As I could not find another way I used your solution to replace the image with an small transparent PNG. Works good for me 🙂 Tnx.

    1. Hi Scott, you would either create the image you want in the size you want or style with CSS (or both).

      Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Gary,

      I don’t recall the filter name at the moment but there is a similar filter to woocommerce_paypal_icon in the official Stripe extension. Just do a code search in their plugin directory for ‘icon’ or something similar and you’ll find it!


  4. Heya Josh! Thank you for this man… It solved that very UGLY and huge paypal icons image that was really the fugliest thing I could not find a way to resolve…

    You’re the man!

  5. This snippet worked better for me :

    // Change PayPal icon

    function replacePPicon($iconUrl) {
    return ‘’; // change this to your IMAGE URL

    add_filter(‘woocommerce_paypal_icon’, ‘replacePPicon’);

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